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CLA250 Oktoberfest SALE at HG Motorsports

Through the month of October we are offering our HG Motorpsorts CLA products at 10% off. For an additional 5% savings at checkout, order two items together using the matching coupon code coupon code : damper&exhaust if you order the damper and the exhaust together coupon code : damper&intake if you order the damper and the intake together coupon code : Intake&exhaust if you order the intake and the exhaust together The Best deal is an additional 10% off when you order the damper, intake, and exhaust together use coupon code : HG allthree HG Motorsports Mercedes-Benz CLA250 / CLA45...

Porsche 997.1 TT

The owner’s goals for stage 1 of his build were enhanced handling and aesthetics. He chose a set of 20″ HRE S101 powercoated Gloss Charcoal gray that is a very close match to the body color. The forged 3-piece design gives the car a spectacular look and has significant weight savings that will improve both acceleration and deceleration. The Ohlins Road & Track are a great all around use coilover. They will give more stability on the track but are still comfortable enough to use on the street. The height adjustibility allowed us to dial in a more aggressive look....

Free Trackday at Big Willow from HG Motorsports

You could win a FREE entry to a track day with HG Motorsports at Big Willow on October 18th.   We want to share the Targa Trophy Super Track Series with you. After 5+ years of pioneering and producing the only national lifestyle road rally event series in North America, Targa Trophy is giving the race track a new twist. The Targa Trophy Super Track Series is a street car only track day event series for high performance and custom built sports cars/exotics to test the limits beyond the street and see how well car and driver perform in a controlled environment. These are from...